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Designed and Made by One Man.....A Man With a Red Thumb Print!

Inspired by the Dutch designer Gerrit Rietveld and the Artistic movement known as De Stijl....translation...The Style. De Stijl was founded in the 1920's and paved the way for Early Modernism and The Bauhaus. In designing this desk, I tried to stick with the design principles set out by De Stijl, whilst softening the pallet and bringing it bang up to date in my use of materials. The result is a beautiful bespoke desk that would grace any home with its presence....Desk De Stijl has been featured in Good Woodworking Magazine and Lancashire Life Magazine.

The desk is made from Pippy Oak, and features an accent of Red to set it off. The frame of the desk wraps around two finger jointed boxes, housing drawers...these provide ample storage. The jointing of the boxes is a visual treat...a real feature when viewed from the the side. The drawers have Spalted Burr Oak handles, providing a lovely contrast against the Pippy Oak. The frame of the desk overlaps itself at every junction, echoing De Stijl. The ends of the frame components are finished with red acrylic, this is a nod to the colour spectrum used by De Stijl. The desk top really celebrates the Pippy Oak, showing off its wonderful wild grain pattern, and also provides plentiful work space. The desk features a shelf to the back, visually, it appears to float and really finishes the desk off! The shelf is set at the correct height to house your monitor, or you can simply display your objects here! I am really proud of this is perfectly proportioned and has a real visual impact, whilst still fulfilling its function!

Avialable in other timbers/colours on request....pricing may vary.

Desk De Stijl stands 70 cm off the ground, 142 cm wide and 52 cm deep. These measurements can be altered to your specifications on request. Price is for a desk in Pippy Oak, as shown. Pricing on other timbers may vary.

Made to order with a making time of 6-8 weeks. Any questions I am happy to hear from you.

Thank You for taking the time to view my work!

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Image of Desk De Stijl - Solid Oak Desk Image of Desk De Stijl - Solid Oak Desk Image of Desk De Stijl - Solid Oak Desk Image of Desk De Stijl - Solid Oak Desk