Furniture With Personality, by One Man....a Man With a Red Thumb Print!

Red Thumb Print is a brand name and makers mark, for furniture designed, and made, by David James Shackleton. Established in late 2013, the business has grown organically, with an ever increasing product range. Red Thumb Print produces modern contemporary furniture and home accessories....often with a playful side! Furniture should excite us, it should have character and style, whilst still providing function. Handmade with love, to the highest quality, in the heart of Lancashire. All the furniture is made by David himself, and discretely marked/branded with his Red Thumb Print...this is his seal of approval, a mark to say he is happy to put his name to the finished piece! 

The business is run primarily online, for the opportunity to see, touch and feel the furniture produced, I would invite you to visit one of the many events Red Thumb Print exhibits at throughout the course of the year. Red Thumb Print is thrilled to have been selected to exhibit among 150 of the countries best designer/makers, at this years Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester. As confirmation of the quality of work produced, I would also direct you to the testimonials page.

David is a romantic soul, he believes something that is made by hand, is inherently better than something that is produced by machine! The items with which we adorn our homes, should have a story behind them, and/or should be a talking point, especially in an age where it is fashionable to entertain at home.

All of Red Thumb Prints products are made using sustainably sourced, FSC certified hardwood timber. It is important to support The Creative Arts and British Handmade, so whether you buy Red Thumb Print, or choose to go elsewhere, please think carefully about the goods you are purchasing, and be sure they are ethically produced...Red Thumb Print is all about Thumb Prints, not Foot Prints!

Red Thumb Print is happy to discuss bespoke commissions, for your home or business, and also welcomes trade enquiries.

It is Red Thumb Prints intention to create a full catalogue of products, for every room in your home...these things take time however, he is but one man! To keep up to date with new products, and to receive details of private promotions, I invite you to subscribe to the mailing list, and/or follow Red Thumb Print on social media!

Thank you for taking the time to view my work!